To upload images (photos, animated gifs, etc) into the Reboot Theme:

Log into your admin area.

Go to Content > Edit Templates > Reboot > Images > Custom

Scroll down to bottom of page until you locate: 

Upload file to the current directory

Press the button under this that says "Choose File" and select the file from where you are storing it on your computer. Once selected, hit the "Upload" button. Make note of the file name.

Please note: There is a check box beside the upload button that allows you to over-write an image on the server if it has the same name. Check or uncheck this box as required. 

To add the file to a static page, use the image button and specify the file name as /skin/reboot/images/custom/image.jpg, making sure you replace image.jpg with the actual file name, and then click OK. 

If you are using the text editor, you can add your image using an image tag:

<img src="/skin/reboot/images/custom/image.jpg">

Don't forget to save your page once you have finished all your editing.